Snow Storm Phone Case

Snow Storm Phone Case


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Product Description

Snow Storm features a photomicrograph (photo of a microscopic image) of a snowflake. The image was captured in Rochester, New York. The design was created by the award winning Prof. Michael Peres from the Rochester Institute of Science and Technology in New York. Michael is a professor of biomedical photography and teaches photomicrography, biomedical photography and other related applications of photography in science. In 2007 Peres was awarded the Schmidt medal by the BioCommunications Association for lifetime achievements in the field of bio-communications.

  • Real scientific image with bright, vivid designs 
  • Scratch resistant and protects from bumps 
  • Ultra slim with gloss finish 
  • 3D full wrap print 
  • Case wraps around buttons 
  • Print inside of case 
  • Available for iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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