Dino Pet

Dino Pet


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Product Description

The Dino Pet is a living, interactive “pet” that uses naturally occurring bioluminescence to glow brilliantly when you play with it at night. Hold one of nature's most magical occurrences in your hand with no batteries or charging required. The glow comes from microscopic sea life called Dinoflagellates and it's powered by sunlight, water and simple nutrients. Please keep in mind that dinoflagellates will only produce bioluminescence during nighttime hours, in the dark when swirled or shaken.  

Included with the Dino Pet:  
  • A clear Apatosaurus-shaped micro-aquarium (6"x3"x6”)
  • Living, bioluminescent dinoflagellates in a spout pouch (300ml)
  • Dino Food to keep your Dino Pet glowing bright (200ml)

FINAL SALE. These items are available for final sale only. Since this item contains living organisms it does not qualify for exchange or return.


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