Tap Strap 2 - Wearable Keyboard, Mouse, Game Controller, Remote....now with Air Gestures

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Tap the wearable keyboard and mouse, has released an all-new Tap Strap 2 which introduces the AirMouse feature, enabling users to control devices such
as iPads and smart TVs using hand gestures with its plug-and-play AirMouse functionality. Tap Strap 2 is the first tool ever on the market that gives users the power to rapidly send commands and control media through gestures, for
everyday devices.

It can also be used as a game controller, remote control and more. It  connects to most Bluetooth enabled devices.  Plus if you are in the music world you can use your Tap Strap to control and test sounds, lighting and instruments. You can customize your Tap Strap to input additional languages, create music and play games in AR and VR. 

The Tap is great for kids too! Fun language learning, develop programming & coding skills plus they can play their fav mobile, PC and tablet games.  

About AirMouse
The Tap Strap 2 AirMouse works right out of the box as a standard Bluetooth device, and does not require any software drivers or calibration. As an AirMouse, it has three user-selected modes of operation:

• Mouse Mode, which allows users to control a cursor, click and scroll just like they would with
a standard mouse.
• Multimedia Mode, where users can play, pause, adjust volume and move to the next or
previous track.
• Smart TV mode, through which users can navigate menus, select items and search for content. All of this is accomplished with simple, natural hand gestures.

Tap comes in two sizes and has a micro-size battery which provides 10 hours of operation. 

What you get:

  1. Tap Wearable made from soft-touch TPU. Size Guide
  2. Charging case with 370mA backup battery
  3. MicroUSB cable and Quickstart guide.
  4. A suite of free mobile (iOS/Android) Tap Apss & Games


  • Small size strap for hands that are narrower than 76 mm (3 in)
  • Large size strap for hands that are wider than 76 mm (3 in)

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