Plant Trees, Save Orcas

Plant Trees, Save Orcas

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This year we have teamed up with One Tree Planted and SHO Water Bottles on an exciting project to help protect Orcas. For every special edition bottle sold, three trees will be planted in the Pacific Northwest. This will help replenish salmon numbers which the Orcas need to survive.

Here is some further information on the campaign...




Chinook salmon swim upstream to spawn. Building up the health of the ecosystem around the banks of the rivers ensures there is proper habitat for the fish to reproduce.





Trees improve soil health by stabilizing the bans, absorbing water, and building stability with their root structures. Ensuring soil is stable and has adequate nutrients is critical to restoring overall forest health





With only 75 individuals left, the Southern Resident Orcas are at their lowest numbers in over 30 years. Tree planting protects their primary food source and reduces habitat contamination.


Together we can try and combat climate change and help make a difference! 

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