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    Earth Day 2019

    Earth Day 2019

    This Earth Day we have teamed with Luumi. The creators and makers of the 100% silicon based products. 

    Together we believe in living responsibly and taking care of our planet.  The world produces over 300 million tons of plastic stuff every year. That's like 100 million elephants, give or take. And half of those plastics are used just once. Mostly thrown away and not recycled. And Thailand is one of the five countries responsible for 60% of global ocean plastic! In fact studies show that on average, Thai's use 8 plastic bags per day. This equates to almost 200 billion bags per year!! 

    So in partnership with Luumi each product brought from this collection equates to 100 plastic bags removed out of circulation in Thailand. How you ask? Well the founder of Luumi, Andrew Stromotich, has partnered with the monks of Wat Phan On Temple in Chiang Mai to deliver the silicone bags (which turn into bowls) to the Thai locals to reduce their daily plastic consumption. 

    With your support, our goal is to help reduce 1 million plastic bags! Remember every product you buy means 100 bags removed!